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-This post is strictly for information purposes-
-Information may be improvised and/or changed without notice-

Server: Orwen

Guild Channel: Serendia 01

Guild Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Black Desert Game/Daum Timezone: UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
To convert UTC to PST simply add 8 hours  (08:00UTC = 00:00PST)

Guild Voice Chat (Discord):
Visit the Guild Resources thread under the General forum for details.               
(Participation is recommended, microphone not mandatory)
May switch from Discord to TeamSpeak3 once the guild has enough members.

Guild Entry Requirement: Being friendly.

Guild Online Requirement: Online once a week (Exemptions can be given if you let other members know you will be MIA)

Guild Contract: Starting guild contract is the 14k/day limit. Once the said member participates in guild events and a clear contribution score is shown, he/she may request a renewal contract to once a week at the 30k/day limit. Upon further participation in guild events, the contract may be renewed with a higher pay.
(Contribution score will be reviewed by Guild leader and future guild admins)

Guild Recruitment: Recruitment is always open until the guild runs out of member slots. Further member slot expansion will be done whenever the guild has enough guild points to do so. Recruitment can be done by anyone, though actual invitation to the guild may only be done by the guild master and guild admins.
If no guild admin/master are online at the time please head to the members part of the forum and submit an application with the format provided. This allows the guild master/admin to contact you ASAP in game for recruitment.


-Embracing Freedom on Black Desert:
This guild is catered to PvE, Life-Skills, Professions, Currency-Grinders, Role-Players, and Explorers. Being rude by trying to downplay another member's interest/focus in the game is not allowed. Discussions of what is better/efficient/more fun is acceptable, but blatantly calling someone's interest as bad is not.

-Enforcement of Activities:
This is a sand-box MMORPG, you're free to spend your time as you please. No member or admin or guild master should be able to force you into an activity, nor blackmailing you into doing so. (Though all members should participate in guild quests whether they are combat/trade/gathering/crafting/fishing types. As participation in guild quests will improve your contribution score which is used for the guild master to determine your contract salary. So if you don't care about getting paid, you do not have to participate.)

-Being Helpful/Being Understanding:
Since this is a guild with no entry requirement, many if not most new members would be less informed about Black Desert. If someone asks a question in chat and you happen to know the answer, help them out. If someone needs help on something in game and you happen to have "FREE" time, you can help them out. (Note FREE is completely subjective and while we are open to helping new members, it is not an experienced player's responsibility to hand-hold/guide newer members through everything).

-Other Side of the Coin:
If you are a newer member to the guild, to Black Desert, to MMORPG in general, please keep in a mind a few things. If you don't get a reply/answer to your question, understand that many people may be doing AFK activities, in combat and cannot afford to type, don't know answer(or searching up your answer). Please do not expect every question/request to be fulfilled instantly if at all.
Experienced members/players may be tired of answering the same question/helping with the same request and need to take a breather or have some time to do what they want to do. Not everyone has the same amount of playtime and everyone deserves an equal amount of time to themselves.

-Chat Rules on Discord/Guild Chat:
Even though the game has its own chat filter, it does not cover it all and it should be noted that the guild chat may contain mature words.
Jokes and memes are allowed but please keep them on a considerate level. Please do not use this as a way to insult/belittle others and if you are feeling uncomfortable with a repeated joke/meme please first contact the "joker" to let them know you are not okay with them making this joke/meme. If this behavior does not stop, please contact a guild admin or guild master and they will attempt to resolve this issue.(Though this guild is not a PC(Politically Correct) guild, it does not make cyber bullying okay).
As the amount of members in the guild continue to grow, the demographic of the guild will also grow(One joke may be tolerable for one member but not for many others). Please keep this in mind in game to prevent the guild from becoming an awkward environment with zero sociability.
On voice chat, please be aware that there are no voice-filters(negative swear words will definitely be used). If you dislike certain chat behavior on voice chat, do not expect other members/users to accommodate to your preferences.

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